Why is my tarantula sitting in water?

3 Reasons Why Your Tarantula Is Sitting In Water

Tarantulas sometimes do weird things that aren’t always easy to explain and sitting in water is one of those strange events. Although this behaviour can be bizarre – I mean come on, it’s a tarantula, not a reptile – there are a few possible explanations. Why is my tarantula sitting […]

Can tarantulas live together?

Can Tarantulas Live Together In One Tank?

The quickest way to go from owning two tarantulas to having one big one is by keeping them in the same enclosure. Yes, some hobbyists have had some positives outcomes with cohabitation of specific species, but it’s a game of chance. Can tarantulas live together? No, you should never keep […]

Can tarantulas eat hornworms?

Can Tarantulas Eat Hornworms? What You Should Know

Can tarantulas eat hornworms? If they can, then can hornworms become their primary feeder? A lot of tarantula owners tend to gravitate toward cricket, mealworm, and dubia roach feeders instead of making use of the hornworm. Why is that? Tarantulas can eat hornworms. However, they cannot be used as your […]

Can tarantulas eat superworms?

Why Tarantulas Should Not Eat Superworms Too Often

Can tarantulas eat superworms? You might be asking this question as you are tired of breeding your noisy and smelly crickets and you are wondering if these superworms are better than mealworms. You just might have a point there, because they are not called “super” for nothing, right? Tarantulas can […]

Why is my tarantula always hiding?

3 Reasons Why Your Tarantula Is Always Hiding

Imagine if your cat, dog, bird or fish starts to hide from you whenever you want to interact with them. You will start to reflect on every interaction you had with them to understand what went wrong. But when it comes to a tarantula, should you be concerned? Why is […]

Do tarantulas get bored?

Do Tarantulas Get Bored? The Surprising Truth

Any being in a state of boredom can either do something genius or really destructive. This is true when it comes to humans and common pets like dogs, cats, birds, etc. But what about our big buddy tarantula? Do tarantulas get bored? A simple answer to it will be no. […]