Is my tarantula dying?

4 Signs That Your Tarantula Is Dying

If you’ve been dreaming of owning a tarantula, you should be mindful that you won’t be able to just pop on over to your veterinarian if your tarantula is ill or dying. It will mostly be up to you to spot the signs that your tarantula is at death’s door […]

Are tarantulas friendly?

Are Tarantulas Friendly? Not All Of Them!

You’ve seen videos of tarantulas walking up their owners’ arms, so that must mean tarantulas are friendly, right? Well, mine are but that is because to me, not showing any aggression or anxiety when I approach is a sign of friendliness. But, are tarantulas friendly? Tarantulas make very docile pets […]

Can tarantulas eat fruits?

Can Tarantulas Eat Fruits?

While discussing the guideline on what should be the diet of a tarantula with my friend, he showed me an interesting video link – tarantula eating a fruit. While tarantulas are largely a carnivore, can they eat fruits? Should we add it to their diet? Let’s put out the answer […]

Is my tarantula getting too cold?

3 Signs That Your Tarantula Is Getting Too Cold

If you live in a colder country or experience harsh winters, you’re probably worried about your tarantula getting too cold and maybe freezing to death. That’s why, in this article, we’ll take a look at how you know when your tarantula gets too cold and what you can do about […]

do tarantulas need hides?

4 Reasons Why Tarantulas Need Hides!

Do tarantulas need hides? You might be asking this question as you saw some tarantula enclosures that do not have hides. You probably want to have the same simple set up. But will this benefit your tarantula? Better yet, is there really a need for hides, or are they just […]

Do tarantulas feel pain?

Do Tarantulas Feel Pain? Signs For Pain In Ts

You got your tarantula some new home décor but it as you place it inside, it snags your T and now it must be in pain, right? Take a breath and relax; pain is relative between species. Do tarantulas feel pain? Yes, they do. All living organisms with brains and […]