Why is my tarantula rubbing its legs together?

Why Is My Tarantula Rubbing Its Legs Together?

Body language gives away most of what we are thinking and feeling. When we are trying to understand other beings, body language is the best medium to understand what they are trying to convey. So when a tarantula rubs its legs together, what does it really mean? There can be […]

Why is my tarantula shaking?

Why Your Tarantula Is Shaking

Tarantulas don’t like to shake it on the dance floor. They are pretty much a poster boy image of an introvert who likes to mind their own business. But what if you see them shaking themselves? Are they in the mood to jive or is there anything serious? It depends […]

Can tarantulas eat darkling beetles?

Can Tarantulas Eat Darkling Beetles?

Can tarantulas eat darkling beetles? You might be asking this question if you want to mix up the diet of your tarantula. However, you might also be intimidated by the size of the beetles and you are questioning if they can prove to be harmful to your T. So is […]

why is my tarantula in the corner of the tank?

Why Is My Tarantula In The Corner Of The Tank?

Feeling ‘cornered’ is a lonely and defenseless position one can be in. When we look at our beloved tarantula sitting by itself in the corner of the tank, is it a sad sight to watch or are we overriding on our own interpretation? Why is our tarantula in the corner […]

Do tarantulas need calcium?

Why Calcium Can Be Harmful To Tarantulas

Do tarantulas need calcium? If you have owned different lizards and serpents, you know the drill in terms of feeding them and you need to always dust their food with the magical calcium powder. But how about tarantulas? Will the calcium help with their growth? Tarantulas do not actually need […]

How to prevent my tarantula from escaping?

How To Prevent Your Tarantula From Escaping

It’s not hard to see why tarantulas make great pets. They’re easy-going, require little care, and are fun to watch. However, they are known to have one mischievous trait- they’re escape artists. Nothing is more frightening than noticing an empty cage, especially if you have other pets, children, or arachnophobic […]

Can tarantulas eat mice?

6 Reasons Why Tarantulas Should Not Eat Mice

In the wild, tarantulas can have a varied diet with some of the larger species eating frogs, lizards, mice, and even one eating a snake has been photographed. However, if you keep a tarantula as a pet, you have to ask what the best food for them is now that […]