Do tarantulas like being stroked?

Do Tarantulas Like Being Stroked?

Do tarantulas like being stroked? If you are a handsy owner and you are considering to get your first tarantula, you will surely ask this question. Is it also possible that through time, your tarantula will get used to being handled as well as letting himself be stroked? It might […]

How to heat a tarantula tank?

How To Heat A Tarantula Tank – The Ultimate Guide

If you’re new to keeping tarantulas, knowing how to heat your tarantula tank to the perfect temperature for your spider can seem daunting. Luckily, getting or keeping your tarantula’s tank at the right temperature is not as difficult as it sounds. With some research, we’ve found various ways in which […]

Do tarantulas stink?

Do Tarantulas Stink? THIS Might Smell Bad

Do tarantulas stink? With their massive bodies, there is surely a way that any of your pet tarantula’s orifices will produce that stench. If you noticed that his enclosure is smelling weird lately, you might think that maybe it is just his waste or natural odor. But is the stink […]

Are tarantulas affectionate?

Are Tarantulas Affectionate? Here Is The Truth

Some people jump at the thought of having a spider crawl over them. Some would find it thrilling and might develop a liking towards it. However, are these 4-11 inch, furry tarantulas affectionate? To speak on their ability to be affectionate strictly according to their nervous system – no, they […]