Spider Questions

What is the difference between spiders and tarantulas?

12 Differences Between Spiders And Tarantulas

To some, the differences and similarities between spiders and tarantulas are of little consequence. The only bit of information they cling to is the fear they feel when they see either. But as an avid tarantula lover and owner of four, I needed to know more. So, what is the […]

Tarantulas that can be handled

8 Awesome Tarantulas That Can Be Handled

Owners playing with their tarantulas are all over the internet, but is it safe to handle your spider? To handle your spider or not is up to you, there are vocal components to each party. Some say that no spider should be held at all while others will tell you […]

Why is my tarantula losing hair?

2 Reasons Why Your Tarantula Is Losing Hair

When your once beautifully hairy tarantula all of the sudden starts losing its hairs, you won’t be blamed for switching to panic mode. But before you give yourself sleepless nights, grab a cup of tea and read on to find out why you don’t have to be concerned. Why is […]

Do tarantulas get bored?

Do Tarantulas Get Bored? The Surprising Truth

Any being in a state of boredom can either do something genius or really destructive. This is true when it comes to humans and common pets like dogs, cats, birds, etc. But what about our big buddy tarantula? Do tarantulas get bored? A simple answer to it will be no. […]

Do tarantulas feel pain?

Do Tarantulas Feel Pain? Signs For Pain In Ts

You got your tarantula some new home décor but it as you place it inside, it snags your T and now it must be in pain, right? Take a breath and relax; pain is relative between species. Do tarantulas feel pain? Yes, they do. All living organisms with brains and […]