Tarantula Behavior

Do Tarantulas Sleep?

Do Tarantulas Sleep? Not Really!

You might have seen your tarantula in the same position for hours if not days and wondered if it is hurt, cold, unhappy or maybe sleeping? Well, one thing we know is that tarantulas don’t roll onto their sides or backs to take a quick nap, but they do rest. […]

Do Tarantulas Eat Their Molt?

Do Tarantulas Eat Their Molt? Is That Okay?

You wake up one morning to find there are TWO tarantulas in your T’s enclosure and freak out a little before realising it’s just an old exoskeleton! What now? Should you leave it for your T to enjoy as a snack or remove it? Do tarantulas eat their molt? Most […]

Why is my tarantula so active?

5 Reasons Why Your Tarantula Is So Active

Tarantulas are usually described as pet ‘rocks’, and for good reason – they don’t move a lot! Being nocturnal in nature, Ts will be more active at night time but within limits. That is why some tarantula owners get a little worried when their Ts start scaling the walls all […]

Why is my tarantula sitting in water?

3 Reasons Why Your Tarantula Is Sitting In Water

Tarantulas sometimes do weird things that aren’t always easy to explain and sitting in water is one of those strange events. Although this behaviour can be bizarre – I mean come on, it’s a tarantula, not a reptile – there are a few possible explanations. Why is my tarantula sitting […]

Can tarantulas live together?

Can Tarantulas Live Together In One Tank?

The quickest way to go from owning two tarantulas to having one big one is by keeping them in the same enclosure. Yes, some hobbyists have had some positives outcomes with cohabitation of specific species, but it’s a game of chance. Can tarantulas live together? No, you should never keep […]

Why is my tarantula always hiding?

3 Reasons Why Your Tarantula Is Always Hiding

Imagine if your cat, dog, bird or fish starts to hide from you whenever you want to interact with them. You will start to reflect on every interaction you had with them to understand what went wrong. But when it comes to a tarantula, should you be concerned? Why is […]

Is my tarantula dying?

4 Signs That Your Tarantula Is Dying

If you’ve been dreaming of owning a tarantula, you should be mindful that you won’t be able to just pop on over to your veterinarian if your tarantula is ill or dying. It will mostly be up to you to spot the signs that your tarantula is at death’s door […]