Tarantula Diet

Can tarantulas eat hornworms?

Can Tarantulas Eat Hornworms? What You Should Know

Can tarantulas eat hornworms? If they can, then can hornworms become their primary feeder? A lot of tarantula owners tend to gravitate toward cricket, mealworm, and dubia roach feeders instead of making use of the hornworm. Why is that? Tarantulas can eat hornworms. However, they cannot be used as your […]

Can tarantulas eat superworms?

Why Tarantulas Should Not Eat Superworms Too Often

Can tarantulas eat superworms? You might be asking this question as you are tired of breeding your noisy and smelly crickets and you are wondering if these superworms are better than mealworms. You just might have a point there, because they are not called “super” for nothing, right? Tarantulas can […]

Can tarantulas eat fruits?

Can Tarantulas Eat Fruits?

While discussing the guideline on what should be the diet of a tarantula with my friend, he showed me an interesting video link – tarantula eating a fruit. While tarantulas are largely a carnivore, can they eat fruits? Should we add it to their diet? Let’s put out the answer […]

Can tarantulas eat darkling beetles?

Can Tarantulas Eat Darkling Beetles?

Can tarantulas eat darkling beetles? You might be asking this question if you want to mix up the diet of your tarantula. However, you might also be intimidated by the size of the beetles and you are questioning if they can prove to be harmful to your T. So is […]

Do tarantulas need calcium?

Why Calcium Can Be Harmful To Tarantulas

Do tarantulas need calcium? If you have owned different lizards and serpents, you know the drill in terms of feeding them and you need to always dust their food with the magical calcium powder. But how about tarantulas? Will the calcium help with their growth? Tarantulas do not actually need […]