Tarantula Diet

Can tarantulas eat mice?

6 Reasons Why Tarantulas Should Not Eat Mice

In the wild, tarantulas can have a varied diet with some of the larger species eating frogs, lizards, mice, and even one eating a snake has been photographed. However, if you keep a tarantula as a pet, you have to ask what the best food for them is now that […]

Do tarantulas eat less during winter?

Do Tarantulas Eat Less During Winter?

What happens to your tarantula during winter? Do they hibernate and also do a fast? If this is the case then, do you need to expect that they will eat less during winter? If you are a first time owner of a tarantula, then the coming winter months may give […]

Can tarantulas eat roaches?

Why Your Tarantula Should Eat Roaches

Can tarantulas eat roaches? You might be asking this question as you are iffy about breeding this type of feeder. At the same time, you probably want to experiment with other roaches rather than sticking with your dubia roaches. Can they be fed other roaches? Yes, tarantulas can eat roaches. […]

Why is my tarantula not eating?

5 Reasons Why Your Tarantula Isn’t Eating

Tarantula owners know that all animals have the capacity for love and curiosity, but sometimes owning a spider is like having a creature from another planet in your home. Why is my tarantula not eating? There are a variety of reasons why your tarantula is not eating the most common […]