Tarantula Habitat

Tarantula Humidity Guide

The Ultimate Tarantula Humidity Guide

A quick Google search about tarantula care and you will see that humidity plays a vital role in keeping your T healthy. Of course, as with most things, there is some disagreement regarding the importance of humidity, and some hobbyists will say it’s unnecessary. Is humidity important to tarantulas? Yes. […]

Can tarantulas live together?

Can Tarantulas Live Together In One Tank?

The quickest way to go from owning two tarantulas to having one big one is by keeping them in the same enclosure. Yes, some hobbyists have had some positives outcomes with cohabitation of specific species, but it’s a game of chance. Can tarantulas live together? No, you should never keep […]

Is my tarantula getting too cold?

3 Signs That Your Tarantula Is Getting Too Cold

If you live in a colder country or experience harsh winters, you’re probably worried about your tarantula getting too cold and maybe freezing to death. That’s why, in this article, we’ll take a look at how you know when your tarantula gets too cold and what you can do about […]

do tarantulas need hides?

4 Reasons Why Tarantulas Need Hides!

Do tarantulas need hides? You might be asking this question as you saw some tarantula enclosures that do not have hides. You probably want to have the same simple set up. But will this benefit your tarantula? Better yet, is there really a need for hides, or are they just […]

How to prevent my tarantula from escaping?

How To Prevent Your Tarantula From Escaping

It’s not hard to see why tarantulas make great pets. They’re easy-going, require little care, and are fun to watch. However, they are known to have one mischievous trait- they’re escape artists. Nothing is more frightening than noticing an empty cage, especially if you have other pets, children, or arachnophobic […]

Do tarantulas need a lot of space?

Do Tarantulas Need A Lot Of Space?

Do tarantulas need a lot of space? You might have seen a lot of tarantula enclosures on tv or online that feature a lot of things. Some have a bioactive setup while others are simply stacked on top of each other in cabinets. So which one should you follow? Tarantulas […]